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Canna Comforts

Canna Comforts

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Canna Comforts

With an overall score above 9 Canna Comforts' Full Spectrum Cinnamon Oil ranks near the very top of this category. A boutique sized company with less than 10 employees, Canna Comforts currently grows their own high end Hemp Flower and recently went back to their “roots” to help likeminded farmers get their grow out to consumers. They use well known genetics and proprietary strains to form their unique, high quality, hemp oil with CBD. Their Full Spectrum blends contain Vitamin D3 an essential ingredient for immune support.

About the Product

Canna Comforts' Full Spectrum Cinnamon Oil is extracted from industrial hemp and combined with cinnamon leaf & vitamin D3! (see full ingredients list). CBD oils are a quick addition to your morning coffee, smoothies or taken alone.

Full Spectrum Oil means you get more than just CBD. You get all the benefits of the hemp plant with a high concentration of CBD and other natural ingredients!

Ingredients: Co2 Hemp Extract, CBD, MCT Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin D3, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Cinnamon Cassia Oil; less than 0.3% THC

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Customer Reviews
  • Alexander P.

    [I started using Hemp Oil] for my throat. I [had used] a couple of different sites, and I got recommend to this. The product is really good.

  • John C.

    My husband broke his back in 1999 and now has scoliosis and arthritis so he started using [hemp oil with CBD] to manage that pain. It also helps both of us sleep at night. I [had] seen [Canna Comforts] in a write up a few times, [and] that it was a reputable company. They are quick to deliver, and the product is good.

  • Darren K.

    All their [Canna Comforts] products are the best. Their products are number one. They are the best quality overall. I love the products.

  • Joshua S.

    [I found Canna Comforts through] Google. [They have] good selection, good products. I am happy with it.

  • Natasha M.

    I really love the [Canna Comforts] products. I would [recommend to a friend]

  • Nancy H.

    The customer service is the best customer service I have had in 10 years. I used to be in customer service and provided good customer service. These people are great. They’re kind, they’re knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. They’re amazing.

  • Ki K.

    A friend of mine recommended [Canna Comforts]. It is a good reliable product. My wife uses it to help her sleep. It always arrives on time. I have never had an issue with it.

  • Diane D.

    I was having a lot of pain in the shoulder area. A friend of mine mentioned [Canna Comforts] to me to obtain legal hemp to use to make CBD oil. It was largely a positive experience.

  • Geoffrey B.

    I think the price points are a little hard to get by for their CBD products. The capsules, for example, are very cost prohibitive to make this more of a routine thing. Other than that, we have enjoyed [Canna Comforts] CBD topical creams. Every time we use the product it continues to help with pain relief. I recommend to people all the time. My grandparents now use it in Hawaii all the time as well.

  • Bo M.

    I have back problems and it has been super effective at helping me deal with [the pain]. It’s all been really great actually. [Canna Comforts has] a great product, and I take the pills every day.

  • Mario S.

    I use [Canna Comforts products] frequently for many months now and it has been very effective. I tried the gummies and they were effective, but the taste was a little, I don’t know what word to use, raunchy. These are working good, but I am in too much pain, and when I bought the mint the first time I thought, "wow, this is amazing" and ever since then, I have been using them. For four months and I have been noticing I take almost two bottles of the 250 mg every month.

  • Julie H.

    I had a great experience with [Canna Comforts]. I didn’t have any problems. I have actually recommended to a friend.

  • Manuel F.

    Did some research and I read what they were about. Seemed like a cool company I wanted to make a purchase from. I like it.

  • Rylan S.

    I think I heard of [Canna Comforts] from my dad. It really seems to work. I gave some to my uncle, and he was having some pain, and he said it worked for him.

  • Anne F.

    My son-in-law had recommended [Canna Comforts]. It makes me happy. I really enjoy it.

  • Jennifer D.

    I was looking online and just looked up CBD products and [Canna Comforts] was one of the things that popped up, and you know it was legal in all 50 states. I have fibromyalgia, muscle aches, headaches and I have trouble sleeping. The oil is kind of expensive for me to get on a regular basis because I use quite a bit. It only lasts me about two weeks. The cinnamon oil seemed like it was from real cinnamon and not the flavor. Since using it I’ve noticed that my body feels better and I’m sleeping better than ever!

  • Taryn H.

    I am a big CBD fan and I actually know the owner so that was kind of a go to. I like [the Canna Comforts] product line, where it was coming from, and I just felt like it was more reputable than the stuff that they were selling at the stores and it actually works instead of fake CBD. I recommend [Canna Comforts] to everybody.

  • Marie M.

    My daughter works at one of the farms that they buy from or something. She told me to try it, and I’m really happy with their products. There are a couple of shops that opened in Salt Lake City, and the prices of their stuff compared to Canna Comforts is like five times as much. I was like, ok, what’s the difference, but I really like [Canna Comforts’] products. They work really good on me.

  • Cris V.

    I chose them because I saw them at a local hemp expo. I would [highly recommend Canna Comforts] because I have had a positive experience with the CBD oil.

  • Judd B.

    [I chose Canna Comforts] because they had a specific CBD blend. It seems to work. [I] have recommended it to quite a few people.

  • David O.

    [I chose] Canna Comforts [because it] was more authentic and seemed to be more scientific-based, data driven than most of the other sites. I know that on one of the occasions I wasn’t pleased. It was the product. Canna Comforts immediately responded by sending a new line or a new strain which was awesome. I was never asked to send back [the product] I complained about, so you know I just appreciated the fact that they responded in that manner. I have recommended Canna Comforts to many of my friends.

  • Peter M.

    It was a friend of mine, who was a representative, who recommended [Canna Comforts]. There are a couple of places I order from, and [Canna Comforts] had a really good product at one point—their CBD oil. I liked them. I was happy with their products. [Canna Comforts has] got good stuff. I’d give it a 9 [on effectiveness].

  • Larry S.

    [I] probably [chose Canna Comforts because of a] promotion. It was probably a promotion. [In my experience, I have received] easy delivery quick, and I have been happy with them. I have recommended Canna Comforts, and I have friends who use it.

  • Bonnie A.

    I haven’t used [Canna Comforts products] in a long time. I only bought it once, and it was too expensive. I think it was fairly good, but not as good as others I have had.

  • Dana A.

    At times, I feel like CBD oil is really helping me and then sometimes I think it is just a placebo, so I’m not really sure. I think I need a higher dose, and it would be very expensive so it’s just not reasonable.

  • Sandra W.

    There was an employee who recommended it. I didn’t feel like it worked for me.

  • Velma M.

    I used to use them, but I don’t now, but the CBD oil was amazing.


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