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Gnome Serum

Overall Score: 9.5

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Gnome Serum

With an overall score above 9, Gnome Serum Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with CBD ranks near the top of this category. A boutique-sized company with less than 10 employees, Gnome Serum is based in New York and manufactures all of their products internally using domestically sourced hemp.

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Gnome Serum are true believers in the power of the hemp plant. Their mission is to use the most innovative technology to unlock its amazing diversity of benefits and make them available to elevate mind, body, and life. Each Gnome Serum product is a celebration of their commitment to keeping things simple: essential ingredients in powerful combinations.

Experience one of the purest forms of full-spectrum hemp extract with this powerful tincture. Cannabidiol, terpenes, flavonoids, and no more than 0.3% THC are carefully formulated with Omega-3 from nutrient-rich Ahiflower®. No additives.

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Customer Reviews
  • Mhel C.

I purchased the Gnome Serum 1800 mg liquid tincture [for] pain management and general health. I love the product. I’ve tried other products, and [this one] was a 10. I feel like it gets into the system faster than any of the other methods. I’ve had a lot of talks with the owner, and it is a great company.

  • Safiyyah M.

    I know I have purchased the CBD oil with citrus flavor, and I have purchased CBD without any particular flavor. I think I [have] purchased it at 500 mg, 750, and 1000 mg. I have also purchased the Bones and Joints Cream, and I’ve purchased Sandman, which is the sleep one. 
I have children on the Autism spectrum. [I started using hemp oil products] to help alleviate some of their anxiety and aggressive behavior, and as a sleep aid, as well, because they can be really restless and have bouts of insomnia.
 So far, the experience has been great. For me, when it comes to the Bones and Joints, it’s more effective than some of the over-the-counter things I have tried. I know with the Sandman product it does have a calming effect because it has the melatonin in it. Those things in context with the CBD might help them to be a little more calm, and they become a lot more mellow towards me in the night time. 
One of the reasons why I trust this particular product is I met the founder and owner. I met him at a like a vegan festival or something like that. And we met and we talked and the fact that we are disability parents, the fact that we had that in common, is one of the reasons why I choose his products over other products. He’s putting everything into the product that is in the best interest of his child and for mine.

  • Moira A.

    I [purchased] Gnome Serum for Joints and Bones. Mostly [for] pain management, I was working 40 hours a week, and I have a relatively sensitive body. There is no miracle cure, but [Gnome Serum] is close. I’ve used a lot of other CBD products, and I’ve not had one that actually diffuses the pain in a comfortable way. And it also has a pleasant smell, it wasn’t too chemically.

  • Cheryl B.

    [I purchased Gnome Serum] for pain management. I just felt that it worked really well. I have since purchased more. I’ve loved it.

  • Christopher L.

[I use] Sandman, the orange flavor CBD oil. I have moderate eczema, and I was looking for ways other than just slathering on more lotion. It’s not [going to] work alone, but it definitely got me over the hump. We actually asked our physician about CBD oil, and she said, “Great, I was hoping you would ask.” So, she was actually the one that recommended it to us. It’s been great. If I take it for a couple of days, morning and night, then it turns it right around for me. It’s a great product.
 When we had issues with the credit card, it was super easy to contact people and get like personal responses, so it was good to hear about how Gnome Serum started. It wasn’t mass marketing; it was genuine; it was people trying to help people, not just business. When I recommend it to people, that is usually what I lead with.

  • Steve G.

[I purchased] the liquid 750 mg tincture, citrus-flavored [for] pain management. I was really skeptical about it working, and I was very leery about it being effective, and if it [would] remove all of the pain [or make] it less. I have tried all sorts of over-the-counter things like glucosamine and sulfate to try and relieve joint pain. I was camping with some friends, and we stopped at a store that had oils and talked to a gentleman in there that explained everything to me. So I thought, “well, I’ll give it a try.” Actually, my friends were skeptical, too, and later my friend asked if it would help with his hip pain, and about a month later he bought it and started taking it.

  • Sean M.

    My dog, he’s the one that takes it. He likes it. I use the tincture. He gets the 1000 mg [because] he’s got arthritis. He loves it, it works. If he doesn’t take it, he’s cranky and doesn’t move around a lot. I went to my vet, and my vet started prescribing it for him. It’s been pretty easy to use.

  • Catherine Y.

    I purchased] The Sandman [for] insomnia. I actually purchased it for a friend, and she loved it. All I know is she wanted more, but I don’t know what the deal was, you couldn’t order it. She just said that she rubbed it on her wrists and feet--she has neuropathy and diabetes--and all I can tell you is that she used it and she said she loved it.

  • Patricia B.

    I have the Gnome Serum oil tincture that you use under the tongue. I also have the Joints and Bones cream as well as The Sandman. I use the actual oil every day [for] pain management. The amount of pain medication I was taking, I was getting it refilled every month. Since I've started taking [Gnome Serum] a year ago in November, it was about 6 to 8 months before I needed to refill again. Who knows when the next time it will be. It may be a longer period of time. If I take different stuff for pain, it's just an over-the-counter like Aleve. And the only thing I am doing differently that could be affecting my pain in a positive way is the Gnome Serum.

In consultation with my physical therapist, rather than just buying CBD from a random place, I went to a local non-traditional pharmacy and [figured] that if they had it, it was probably legit. That's how I found out about Gnome Serum.
 It's been great. It took a while to figure out what dose would be right for me, but once I got there, it has been great. I wish it would help my insomnia, but I don't see it doing that. But you know what? If it's helping with pain management, and I'm not taking a whole bunch of drugs I don't want to use, then that's great!

  • Grace W.

[I purchased] Unicorn Cream. It definitely helped me. Someone who was in one of my classes at my college actually gave it to me once, and she told me to get Unicorn Cream.

  • Doug H.

[I purchased] Gnome 750 mg oil tincture. It took about two weeks for it to really start to work and once it did, I felt less anxiety throughout the course of the day. [It was] recommended to me by a fellow employee. I [would] give it a solid 10.

  • Denise P.

[I purchased] Joints and Bones [for] pain. It helps for a while and then it wears off. The first time I bought it, it seemed to work better. I think that they redid the formula.

  • Carol L.

I bought the CBD oil tincture, Citrus [for] general health purposes. When I first started with it, it seemed to help take the pain away, and now it seems to not be doing that. It’s not doing anything right now. I didn’t choose it myself. My daughter had heard about it from somebody and she wanted me to try it and so she went with me to get it. I just think it depends on where you are at.
 I used it for pain, and it just depends on where your pain level is at. I felt that the Joints and Bones cream worked fairly well.

  • Bernadette D.

    [I purchased] the oil tincture and the Joints and Bones, and then The Sandman [for] pain. The Joints and Bones is incredible. I have gotten 30 people on it. I should be selling it because I want to be a distributor, and it’s a great product. I [also] have a nurse that has gotten a ton of her patients on it.

  • Margaret B.

    I bought the CBD oil tincture. It does help me. It calms me and it makes me feel better. I don’t have the chronic aches all the time. I would recommend it.

  • Concetta M.

    I bought the Joints and Bones Cream [for] pain and inflammation. I have used CBD before. I threw my back out, so I actually had seen them in stores. [My experience has been] fantastic.

  • Maureen S.

    [I purchased] the 750 mg oil tincture, citrus flavor and Joints and Bones Cream. It’s absolutely a 10 because it’s the only thing that sometimes works for my pain.

  • Cindy P.

I[ purchased] the 1800[mg] orange and citrus flavor tincture [for] pain management. It was a 10 [because his] mood changed, he felt great.

  • Anne C.

[I purchased] Gnome Extract Oil Tincture [for] general health. Overall, I’ve felt better. I’ve already been recommending it to everyone.

  • Colleen H.

    [I purchased] Joints and Bones Cream [for] pain management. I thought it could be stronger, and the one problem is it never really stated the strength of how strong it actually was. My husband chose it because it was something he could find locally. It’s been pretty good, Just wish it was a little bit stronger.


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